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THE highest quality boxing & major sports videos dating to 1903. 1st generation & studio recordings only.

Email us at ClassicSportsVideo@hotmail.com to discuss available broadcasts and running times, to place an order, or to inquire about our sports videos (primarily boxing, football, baseball, basketball, golf, Olympic Games, and MMA [mixed martial arts]--amateur and professional). Request a free list of all our products. In addition to full games and fights, we also have interviews, training footage, biographical pieces and other special features. 72-hour turnaround for most orders and fast shipping via USPS First-Class (3-4-day transit), but please allow up to 10 days for delivery by the U.S. Postal Service. International purchases will be dispatched via the U.S Postal Service as the origin shipping service, with delivery made by the postal service of your home country.


Your home for RARE, hard-to-find sports films and videos in pristine condition. Since 1979 -- 43 years! 

Usually studio-sourced recordings, and virtually always the very best quality available. We are not the lowest-priced. We do not offer junky "career sets" with haphazard quality, nor footage of less than excellent video quality. What we offer is the best quality, usually our well known "brand-new" looking video, even for 50-year-old broadcasts. For collectors and casual fans alike who want the very best.

Recorded ourselves "live" off of television since 1979 on VHS and later on Super-VHS ("S-VHS"--virtually DVD-quality), and acquired super-mint-quality broadcasts (from all eras) directly from TV networks and other studios since 1979 as well.  

We have 16 new, professional-grade VCRs (mostly both S-VHS- AND VHS-capable machines) and 14 new, professional-grade DVD recorders, of different brands and models, so we are capable of transferring ANY tape to DVD perfectly

NO "ESPN Classic" or other non-original re-broadcasts are offered here.  Ours are virtually always BETTER-quality than those, anyway.

FREE sample DVDs sent with every order when you're a new customer (at least four sample DVDS per customer, one with each of your first four orders), each disc containing 30-second clips of 50-100 games or fights in mint quality, so you can see samples before you buy!

Our well known extensive vintage boxing collection includes:

  • All Major World Boxing Champions
  • Classic Fights from 1903 to the Present
  • Boxing Contenders
  • Amateur Fights including the Olympics 
  • International Fights
  • Classic Boxing DVDs - Vintage Fights
  • Mint Boxing DVDs for 99% of bouts-- in ALL eras

** Super Bowl games dating back to SB III in 1969; many regular-season football games (college and pro) as well

** The World Series from 1954, plus regular-season baseball

** Basketball and hockey from the mid-1960s

** Golf from the early 1970s. US Opens and regular PGA tour events, primarily

** Summer and Winter Olympics events and opening/closing ceremonies since 1976

** Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as of the early 1990s

** Some classic events available on audio (CDs and audio cassettes) as well

Prices and Terms

*       $80.00 for each 2-hour DVD, VHS tape, or Super VHS tape sourced from a non-studio recording after 1995 (i.e., recorded via a VCR or DVD-recorder off of home television)  (Certain rare, premium events are higher; always ask for a price quote in advance for the specific bouts/games you want.)

**     $90.00 for each 2-hour DVD, VHS tape, or Super VHS tape sourced from a non-studio recording from 1995 or earlier  (Certain rare, premium events are higher; always ask for a price quote in advance for the specific bouts/games you want.)

*** $140.00 for each 2-hour DVD, VHS tape, or Super VHS tape sourced from a studio recording (Certain rare, premium events are higher; always ask for a price quote in advance for the specific bouts/games you want.)


  **** A $10.00 discount (for boxing footage only) is applied to each additional full 2-hour boxing disc or tape ordered concurrently with the first 2-hour boxing disc or tape in the SAME purchase.  This is applicable to ALL boxing DVDs and tapes except for the post-1995, $80.00 DVDs and tapes.

We do not offer partial DVDs, such as a 30-minute event by itself, until there is at least 2 hours of footage requested initially in an order, above which we are pleased to fulfill partial requests

* $75.00 for each audio broadcast on CD or audio cassette (most events require 2 CDs; total is $75.00 per complete broadcast)

-- Postage and handling within the U.S. is FREE-- it is included in the above prices.  Please add US $12.00 for shipping to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and South America; or US $15.00 to Asia and Africa.  (NOTE: the actual cost we pay for overseas shipping of just one DVD is always more than that, as postal rates to those locations have increased greatly.)

--- Minimum order: One (1) full 2-hour DVD or tape (i.e., two hours' worth of footage) at $90.00 if home-recorded; or $140.00 if studio-sourced; or $75.00 if an audio broadcast is ordered.

----Maximum of four (4) events/bouts per 2-hour DVD or tape

Forms of Payment

We accept: PayPal https://www.paypal.com ), Zelle Pay (through U.S. banks and credit unions only), U.S. bank cashier’s checks, and U.S. postal money orders only.

- Please note: In the U.S., the use of PayPal to make a payment does not need to involve any fees for either party.  If a U.S. customer elects to send us money such that fees are generated by PayPal, or if the customer is outside of the U.S., then the customer is responsible for those fees-- but only for the actual fees charged (we don't add any mark-up).  Per PayPal's fee schedule: 2.9% of the order total + $0.30 for US customers; 4.4% of the order total + $0.30 for non-US customers (PayPal increased their international fee on March 29, 2017 from 3.9% + $0.30 previously). 

Before you order DVDs, videotapes, CDs, and audio cassettes, please email us FIRST, detailing your prospective order and asking whatever questions you may have about each broadcast.  Within one day, generally, you will subsequently receive a price quote, as well as our PayPal account name or our postal mailing address (the latter for U.S. bank checks or U.S. postal money orders).  This step prevents potential ordering errors-- by either you or us.  


To order: Simply 1) send us an email that lists your requested items that were just quoted to you, and include your full postal mailing address; and 2) remit the quoted payment.

Since both you and we can usually only estimate the running times of fights, please provide a "want list" of bouts, in order of priority, that covers at least two full hours-- preferably more-- for each order.  We'll fill up your DVD(s) in order from that list, and your providing a list with "extra" items will assure you that the disc(s) you're paying for are filled as completely as reasonably possible.  As noted above, we do not offer partial DVDs, such as a 30-minute event by itself, until there is at least 2 hours of footage requested in an order, above which we are pleased to fulfill partial requests with that same order.

Email us for a free product list and for our most recent updates.  

Classic Sports Video

Email:  ClassicSportsVideo@hotmail.com

Orders ship from Washington (State), USA

Web site: www.ClassicSportsVideo.net

Cancellation policy: 

Any cancellations must be confirmed by us before DVDs/tapes are made.  As you are paying for our time/labor primarily (plus a nominal amount for materials and shipping), and because we usually begin work on your DVDs, to some extent, immediately after payment is received, cancellations or changes are generally not possible--even if the DVDs haven't yet shipped.  Thank you for your understanding.

***  There are NO refunds, only REPLACEMENTS-- except as noted below.   ***

The exception for which we will provide full or partial refunds would be situations when we are unable to fulfill part or all of your order (for example, when we cannot locate an ordered item in our footage library [this happens from time to time], or if we are out of town and unable to fulfill your order within 3 weeks [this has never happened]); in either case, we will notify you shortly after you place your order, and we will then provide an immediate refund.

If a shipment doesn't arrive [this has never happened with our shipments], or arrives damaged by the carrier [this has happened only twice], let us know, AND WE WILL SHIP YOU AN IDENTICAL REPLACEMENT ITEM, FREE OF CHARGE. (There is NO refund in this situation.) 

Please don't place an order if there is any chance you will later change your mind about anything.  We always conduct detailed email correspondence with customers BEFORE a customer remits payment, so, by the time an order is placed and payment made, there should be no doubts about anything. 

Return/exchange policy: All sports videotapes and DVDs are guaranteed as to quality (meaning their playability on your player--i.e., all DVDs and videotapes we sell are guaranteed to play smoothly, without freezing, skipping, speeding up/slowing down, or jittering, as a result of inferior transfer by us or the use of defective DVDs/tapes). Upon receipt of your order, if you encounter any playability problems, you can contact Classic Sports Video by email for an exchange for the same item (we'll remake the same event broadcast for you). You may contact us for up to 30 days after receipt of the product for a replacement due to the foregoing. We cannot and do not offer refunds for ANY reason, given the ease of DVD duplication nowadays. But, we’ll make good, immediately, on any legitimate claim of product defect as per the above, or on any legitimate claim that your order wasn't received, in either case with a replacement of the same broadcast(s).  And, we triple-test every DVD and tape that leaves our premises to ensure ahead of time that there are no defects!  We also have never had a shipment lost in transit, even overseas.

Our DVDs are the most popular version, Region 1 (North American) DVD-Rs, and are not returnable for geographic format incompatibility, though we can make, upon request, DVD-Rs that play perfectly on Region 2 (European) DVD players/recorders as well.  DVD+Rs are also available, but please request +Rs up front.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time regarding Classic Sports events on DVD and VHS (or Super VHS) videotape. 

Nearly all of our broadcasts have beautiful, sharp, "mint" picture quality or excellent picture quality, generally the very best available-- on the pre-2007 CRT (tube) televisions they were intended for. Please don't expect that ANY DVD available from us-- or from ANYONE-- will have Hi-Definition picture quality on today's Hi-Definition televisions.  That is impossible; no sports event before 1999 was videotaped or broadcast in Hi-Definition-- period.  Moreover, even when recording today's Hi-Def broadcasts onto DVD, the Hi-Def quality cannot be replicated in playback once captured on DVD, as DVDs cannot retain or play in Hi-Definition.  NO DVD will look as beautiful and sharp on a Hi-Def television as would a live hi-definition 2022 Super Bowl broadcast or a live hi-definition Showtime fight that was broadcast in 2021, and that includes any commercial DVDs manufactured by the movie studios (for movies on a disc to be displayed in Hi-Definition, you must purchase Blu-Rays-- not DVDs). *** When we say our recordings look beautiful or mint quality, etc., we mean on a pre-2007 CRT (tube) TV-- the kind of TV that ALL of these broadcasts were intended for when they actually occurred. Having said all of this, our recordings will generally look excellent or "mint" even on a modern HD TV, and better than those of our competitors.

We can locate for you almost any sports event that exists on video!   If we don't have the fight or game you are looking for, and it has ever been filmed, we can get it for you--and in the best quality!


Thank you for your patronage. We are proud that virtually all of our customers are repeat customers. A referral by you to a fellow sports enthusiast is our best compliment!

*** All items are offered and sold with no rights given or implied. Every broadcast offered is considered to be in the public domain, but in any case, we hold no copyrights or other rights, and are conveying none. These recordings are sold from one collector to another collector, for personal enjoyment in one's home, with the express agreement and understanding by both parties that NO commercial or business use by the purchaser-- including but not limited to re-selling, renting, licensing, editing, film-making, video creation, broadcasting, or posting to YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, or comparable websites-- whether in whole or in part-- is expected or will occur. ***

Privacy information: All information provided by our customers is considered private and will not be shared with others.

*** Thank you for your patronage ***  

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