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REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE BASEBALL LIST (all selections below are mint or excellent video quality)

(NONE are 'ESPN Classic' or 'Prime Ticket' versions [except a couple as noted]!!!)

Unlike our other sports, this is a fairly small group of games and videos, and is primarily focused on the Mets and Yankees--with plenty of exceptions!  However, the quality of nearly all offerings is second to none, generally the best in the hobby.  If you have a specific game(s) you are interested in, please just e-mail us noting the game or games, and we will tell you if we have it and its quality (most full baseball games are recordings we made ourselves off of TV over the years, since 1979). 

Our collection of baseball games is many times the size of the list below.  And, uniquely, we have many games from the Mets' wonderful 1985 season, the year before the World Championship, when they won 98 games and lost 64.

Don Larsen's perfect game (1956 World Series: Yankees-Dodgers)
1965 Mets team highlights - official film
1967 Mets team highlights - official film

1968 World Series (Tigers-Cardinals) - Game 1 (Bob Gibson strikes out record 17)

1969 World Series (Mets-Orioles) - all 5 complete games, mint quality - $180.00 per game, or all five games for $799.00

1969 Mets team highlights - official film
1971 Major League Baseball All-Star Game (great game, several HRs; super-mint version, NOT via ESPN Classic, etc.)
1971 World Series (Pirates-Orioles) - several games
1973 World Series (A's-Mets) - several games

1974 Major League Baseball All-Star Game (via ESPN Classic)

1976 ALCS (Yankees-Royals) final game - Chambliss HR wins it for Yankees

1977 World Series (Yankees-Dodgers) - all games (includes game 6: Reggie Jackson's 3 HRs on 3 consecutive pitches)

1978 Yankees-Red Sox 1-game playoff (Bucky Dent HR wins it for Yanks)
1978 World Series (Yankees-Dodgers) - all games
1979 World Series (Pirates-Orioles) - all games - The "We Are Family" Pirates
1981 Len Barker's perfect game (Indians-Blue Jays)
1983 Mets-Phillies (Mets home opener, Tom Seaver returns as Met and is starter vs. Steve Carlton)
1985 Mets-Braves - 19 innings on July 4, great game with several comebacks (score: 16-13), several rain delays
1986 World Series (Mets-Red Sox) - All 7 games
1986 NLCS, Mets-Astros, Game 6 - Strawberry, Dykstra HRs
David Wells's perfect game (Yankees-Twins), 5/17/98
David Cone's perfect game (Yankees-Expos) - 7/18/99
Dwight Gooden's no-hitter vs. Mariners - 5/14/96
World Series Highlight Films (official Major League Baseball Films, usually about 40-50 minutes):
    1968, 1969, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1986
Various 1985 Mets regular season games (the year the Mets finished 2nd in NL East w/98 wins)
Mets highlight films: 1965, 1967, 1969, 1986 ("1986: A Year To Remember"), 1987, 1988 ("100 Winning Ways") - $85.00 each for 1986, 1987, and 1988; $65.00 each for 1965, 1967, and 1969            

Mets 25th anniversary video Version 1 ("An Amazin' Era: 1962-1986 Mets"--original 1986 edition concluding with the 1985 season, also including several montages set to music, plus celebrity intros by Rodney Dangerfield, Mayor John Lindsey, and Glenn Close) - perfect quality(71 minutes) - $95.00

Mets 25th anniversary video Version 2 ("An Amazin' Era: 1962-1986 Mets"--1992 (very last) edition concluding with the 1988 season, and including comprehensive coverage of the championship 1986 and 1988 seasons, along with 1987; but EXcluding the montages set to music and the celebrity intros by Rodney Dangerfield, Mayor John Lindsey, and Glenn Close) - perfect quality(89 minutes) - $105.00

1986 Mets music video ("Let's Go Mets!") along with "Making of the Mets Music Video" documentary - perfect quality! - $79.00

1968 Tigers HBO documentary: A City on Fire: The Story of the '68 Detroit Tigers - 2002, 58 minutes - Excellent HBO documentary on the Tigers' team and their season through the World Series, set against the threat of riots in 1968 and opening with the 1967 Detroit riots. Includes current interviews with 1968 Tigers and Cardinals players (Kaline, Lolich, Northrup, Freehan, Horton, Brown for Tigers; Gibson, Brock, McCarver for Cards), also Detroit sportswriters, activists, and residents, even Motown Records artist Martha Reeves.  Recorded this broadcast ORIGINALLY on DVD; extremely sharp, perfect quality! - $79.00

Mantle - HBO documentary - 2005, 60 minutes - Excellent HBO documentary on Yankee great Mickey Mantle, covering his entire life until the end, on and off the field, warts and all. A very enjoyable, informative, uplifting documentary, as usual with HBO Sports documentaries.  Recorded this broadcast ORIGINALLY on DVD; perfect quality! - $79.00

Shot Heard 'Round the World - HBO documentary - 2001, 60 minutes - Thrilling HBO documentary on the famous Bobby Thomson home run off of pitcher Ralph Branca to win the 1951 pennant for the New York Giants vs. their crosstown rivals, the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Incredibly interesting, in-depth coverage, with lots of game footage, of the seasons for both teams, of their recent games with one another, and lengthy current interviews with Thomson and Branca as to their lives before and after the famous game.  Plus current interviews with several 1951 Giants and Dodgers including Willie Mays, Duke Snider, and Don Newcombe.  Also interviews with local Brooklyn and Manhattan fans of the time, including celebs Larry King and Louis Gossett, Jr.  Addresses in detail the controversy of the Giants allegedly stealing signs all season, also in this game, via a man posted at the outfield scoreboard coordinating with others in the bullpen.  Phenomenal documentary-- a classic, and highly informative. - Recorded this broadcast ORIGINALLY on DVD via High-Definition signal; perfect quality! - $79.00

Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush - HBO documentary - 2007, 120 minutes - You definitely don't need to be a Dodger fan to LOVE this amazing documentary!  Thorough and emotional HBO documentary on the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1946-1959, their glory/heartbreak years and their years of breaking down barriers-- until they surprised their loyal fans and moved to Los Angeles.  The politics behind that move, both in NY and in L.A., are presented in great detail, and it's fascinating!  Leads with in-depth coverage of the recruiting of Major League Baseball's first black player, Jackie Robinson, then bringing him up to the Dodgers, and covers Robinson and his (and his teammates') experiences FAR better than the 2013 movie, 42.  Features current interviews with numerous Dodgers from that era (Duke Snider, Carl Erskine, Don Newcombe, Johnny Padres, Mrs. Joan Hodges (wife of Gil Hodges) -- "The Boys of Summer," as author Roger Kahn referred to them), and interviews with Brooklyn fans of the time, including Larry King, Louis Gossett, Jr., other celebrities, and several other local fans who describe the ups, downs, and frequent end-of-season heartbreaks in following the Dodgers.  Covers the stunningly interesting politics between powerful New York City public works boss Robert Moses, who argued with and repeatedly overruled Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley as to locating and building a new stadium for the Dodgers, and covers the courting of O'Malley by a young Los Angeles councilwoman (interviewed here), O'Malley viewing the Chavez Ravine site and envisioning a new stadium there for the Dodgers in Los Angeles, and then the courting by O'Malley of NY Giants owner Horace Stoneham-- as there would have to be more than one team located on the west coast for a Dodger relocation to work!  Amazing documentary-- you'll be glued to the screen.  Very rare, too. - Recorded broadcast ORIGINALLY on DVD; very sharp, perfect quality! - $139.00

The Making of Mr. October - MLB-HD documentary - 2016, 45 minutes (commercials removed from 60-minute broadcast) - Very interesting and informative documentary on Reggie Jackson, with exciting and memorable footage from his rookie year in the majors, his astounding home run blast in the 1971 All-Star Game, his championship years with the A's and then the Yankees, through his retirement. Addresses the problems and controversies he had with A's owner Charles O. Finley, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, and Yanks manager Billy Martin, as well as with some of his teammates on both teams. With recent interviews of Reggie, his teammates, and opponents. A terrific show. - Recorded this broadcast ORIGINALLY on DVD via High-Definition signal, in XP (1-hour mode) for BEST picture quality; very sharp, perfect quality! - $69.00

The Swingin' A's - MLB-HD documentary - 2017, 45 minutes (commercials removed from 60-minute broadcast) - Narrated by MC Hammer!  Nostalgic, fantastic documentary on the 1970's Oakland A's, with the focus on their stars (Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Rollie Fingers, Vida Blue, Joe Rudi, and Gene Tenace)-- including their fist-fights with one another and their constant salary disputes with controversial owner Charles O. Finley-- along with MUCH on Finley himself, and some time spent on their gopher-turned-"Vice President," MC Hammer (all when he was a child during their glory years!). With exciting and memorable footage from the start of the team in 1960 (as the Kansas City Athletics) through the break-up of the 3X (consecutively) 1972-74 World Champions as Finley sold off his stars, into the late 1970s when Charley O. eventually sold the team to another owner. With recent, extremely interesting interviews of ALL of the above-named players plus Ken Holtzman and one or two others, along with a woman related to Charlie O. (his daughter or niece).  A terrific show, you'll watch this over and over. - Recorded this broadcast ORIGINALLY on DVD via High-Definition signal, in XP (1-hour mode) for BEST picture quality; very sharp, perfect quality! - $69.00

Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker - MLB-HD documentary - 2014, 45 minutes (commercials removed from 60-minute broadcast) - Outstanding, funny documentary on the life of the famous Milwaukee Brewers sportscaster, with plenty of the great, hilarious stories related by him and also by others (teammates Hank Aaron, Tim McCarver, and more) about him. Covers his famous Baseball Hall of Fame induction speech, the all-time classic late 1970s-early-'80s Miller Light Beer commercials ("I must be in the front Row," and "He missed the TAG!"), his role as broadcaster Harry Doyle in the classic 1989 baseball movie "Major League" (the last pitch was "juuuust a little outside"), some of his appearances on the Johnny Carson show, his on-air banter with ABC co-broadcaster Howard Cosell, and plenty on his love of broadcasting baseball games.  A classic for the entire family, not to be missed. - Recorded this broadcast ORIGINALLY on DVD via High-Definition signal, in XP (1-hour mode) for BEST picture quality; very sharp, perfect quality! - $69.00

Again, we have more baseball games/videos not listed above, so please let us know of any requests.

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